Sunday, January 3, 2010

Intro to this

Where to start? Well, I guess I should explain myself. I am an ADD, forgetful, and disorganized adult. I'm also a single mom to a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL little boy. Even though I look at him and see every good thing about him, I can see myself as well. I can see those little things about myself that drive me nuts. He's smart, but he'll do things for attention. He's loving, but he's easily frustrated. He's smart, but I worry how far that will get him in this day and age.

I'm pursuing a masters degree in education and am one semester into the program. You may read that and think, "Well, sounds like you're doing okay." Honestly, school is difficult for me. It always has been. I remember being in elementary school and forced into a gifted and talented program. I did well but I often missed things because I wasn't going to pay attention. I got in trouble because my ADD little brain would forget my back pack or to put my folder in my back pack or to bring my pencil bag. The list goes on. I can also look back and see where being smart got me through school, but did not mean I learned the material (which will be evident by my spelling and grammar).

I'm also half Mexican. My father is full Mexican-American and my mother is some generic combination that ends up white with blonde hair and blue eyes. Although he speaks fluent spanish he never taught it to us! I've had a God given, deep yearning to learn the language my entire life.

Put it all togetha' and what'dya got?

This blog.

I'm creating this blog to keep track of Little Boy's progress, become more organized with his at home schooling (although he attends a wonderful preschool), and gain insight from others struggling to make these same good choices for our babies. I want him to meet his full potential and I want to set up good things for him now so he won't struggle through school as I do.


  1. Hi Heather! Thank you for the comment on my blog. Keep up the great work! As you read, I am also teaching my children Spanish at home. I hope we can share ideas!

  2. Hi there! I know what you mean by hoping to learn Spanish. I feel the same way with English. I was born in the US but raised in PR. I feel I am no good at neither one.
    Anyhow, welcome to the blog world. Everything with your kiddo will turn out just fine.
    Cuidate mucho!